The biggest sports and eSports events could not be international without a perfect translation. Explore the services that ITC Translations, a sports and eSports translation agency, can offer you for your sports documents and events.

Entertainment Translation: What’s at Stake?

The Superbowl, the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games… the world’s biggest sporting events are broadcast in almost every country. Translation, adaptation, localization, subtitling, dubbing and many other language techniques are used to do so, otherwise foreign countries would not be able to follow these sporting events. Even if a picture is worth a thousand words, it is much more interesting for a viewer to have a commentator who speaks their language.

eSports are in full swing in the world of video games, with many competitions being organized every year. With more than 380 million fans worldwide, eSports are constantly gaining in popularity. There are thousands of Fortnite, Call of Duty and League of Legends players, thanks to the translation of the games into dozens of languages.

The reach of a video game is multiplied tenfold when translated. With North America, China and South Korea showing the highest demand in this field, translating and localizing games is one of the most important challenges for a company in this industry. Whether it is for character language, rules or tool names, all elements must be perfectly translated so players can use them properly. Star players, regardless of their country, are followed and watched very closely by millions of fans around the world. Live events with subtitles are also becoming increasingly popular thanks to broadcast services that allow viewers to watch players in real time.

Translating Documents Related to Sports and E-Sports

Our language experts around the world can help you with sports and eSport translation, including:


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Entrust Your Translations To ITC, Sports and eSports Translation Agency

Our team of more than 2,500 linguists specializing in all fields of activity and our 20+ years of experience make us an ideal partner for handling your sports and eSport translations. Not only do our translators speak your target language as their native language, but they also specialize in sports and eSports. This enables us to guarantee you a professional, high-quality result.

Our range of audio and video services can also be used for your explanatory videos or location-based games.

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