The Heavy Cost of Translation Errors


Translation is something that many businesses and professionals today have to focus their attention on. Whether you’re trying to attract international customers, forge a relationship and partnership with another business, collaborate, or something else, it’s vital that you take the time to make sure that you properly translate all communications.

The importance of using an experienced, accurate translator for all of your translation needs can’t be overstated. Your business demands error-free translations that aren’t just accurate, but localized. Failure to do so can cost you big.

Common Mistakes

Businesses are focused on profit, so it makes sense that they will regularly try to take steps to cut costs. That means that they will often try to cut corners wherever they can – and translation can seem like an easy way to do it.

Maybe you turn to software that automatically translates text to another language. Or perhaps you have an employee who speaks another language to some degree. Either way, the allure of saving money on your expenses means that it’s common to opt for options like this.

But the issue here is that those translations will never be fully accurate. One of the biggest challenges is that localization matters in a big way. Different parts of a country speak localized versions of the language. And when it comes to software translations, the fact is that they often translate on a word by word basis – something that often loses tone, subtext, and true meaning.

Because of things like this, it’s vital that you get professional, accurate translation services. Letting a trained professional who is fluent in a language and who understands colloquialisms, tone, and context will be vital for getting the best results from your translation.

The Heavy Costs

But just why is it so important to make sure that nothing is lost in translation? There are plenty of reasons, and taking a closer look can explain why every professional has to make sure that they invest the time and money needed to get the most appropriate translation possible.

Consider some of the ways that poor translation can cost your business in a big way.

·         Poor translation of a legal document could lead to it being useless – the new translation doesn’t mean the same thing it originally did, which means that you are left without the proper legal protection.

·         Research papers can’t be shared properly, and translation errors may cause confusion and suspicion.

·         Medical treatment or medication is improperly labeled or prescribed, leading to significant health ramifications and potential death – and legal action.

·         Your advertising copy isn’t translated correctly and you are left with an ad campaign that doesn’t properly convey the message you’re trying to deliver.

·         Technology documents aren’t translated properly, leading to problems with assembly and a product that doesn’t operate properly.

No matter the scenario, proper translation will have a huge impact on the results. As such, it’s vital that you get the right kind of translation services. We can help. Contact ITC Global Translations today to get the translation services you deserve.


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