VeriSelect is established to recognize and promote companies with high quality customer service. VeriSelect certification considers clients’ views and expectations along with the service and delivery a company provides. The certification is prestigious and only issued to companies who clearly meet all established criteria including:

  • Availability: to what extent do you offer your service?
  • Information: How do you systematically provide information about your service?
  • Time: Do you respect your clients’ time?
  • Customer Care: What extra steps are you taking to look after your clients?
  • Security: Do your clients experience a sense of personal protection thanks to your security efforts?

VeriSelect certified does not only provide validation of service but also provide continuous support to help companies achieve further success. ITC Global Translation Services is certified for its excellence in service and customer care. By being VeriSelect certified, ITC shows its dedication to providing exceptional client experience and setting the highest standards for its staff.