Voice-Over Translations Benefit Global Business


Translation today involves more than the written word. More people are using translation services for localizing their audio and video projects. In a world where technology has given people instant access to live video reports and stories, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the opportunity to use it for your business. 

Business Boosters

Voice-over translation can increase your business as you go global. Your commercial marketing campaigns might go over well in the U.S., but how well will they go over in a part of the world where English is the second language and only a few people understand it? Or when cultural differences make it more insulting than humorous? Professional voice over artists can not only make it understandable linguistically, they can make it culturally relevant. 

Voice-over artists are trained to bring your corporate materials to life, elevating you above your competition. Think about the people you listen to when you’re on hold, waiting for a customer service representative; the voice on your GPS; the radio advertisement you just heard on Pandora. The right voice can convince you to stay on the line, soothe you when you make a wrong turn, inspire you to go out and buy a foot-long sandwich.

Assisting Employees

International audio and video transcription services are beneficial when hiring staff in different parts of the world. When training materials are properly translated, you provide the opportunity for your employees in a different country to understand what you are trying to accomplish. Even if your new employees speak some English, they will be better equipped to perform their jobs correctly if orientation materials, eLearning apps, and employee training videos are presented in a language they understand well.

A voice-over translator can customize videos and materials to make them understood not only in words, but in message and tone. Your chances of successfully retaining employees who are invested in your company increases because they understand what is expected. 

Choose High-Quality Solutions

Some business owners might believe that they can DIY a voice-over translation, but it’s not advisable. There is more to voice-over work than reading into a microphone. Voice-over actors have years of experience and are well versed in their native language. They know what to do to make people want to buy your product or work for your company. 

ITC Translations now offers solutions for all of your audio and video projects, as well as multimedia productions that include voice-over work. We use the latest technology in all formats. Our team works in multiple languages and utilizes several different voice actors for each project to ensure that your corporate videos, TV advertisements, and video games are of the highest quality.

We can also adapt audio to your video or slideshow. Whatever your voice-over needs are, we have the solution. Contact us today to set your company up with the latest technology in international audio & video transcription.   

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