The Heavy Cost of Translation Errors

Translation is something that many businesses and professionals today have to focus their attention on. Whether you’re trying to attract international customers, forge a relationship and partnership with another business, collaborate, or something else, it’s vital that you take the time to make sure that you properly translate all communications. The importance of using an [...]

How One Little Word Can Mean So Much

Saying goodbye is never easy. This is especially true when you’re saying goodbye to someone, or something, that you’ve grown fond of. Good thing there are so many languages to choose from when it’s time to bid adieu. Origins of the Word Goodbye Around the time of the 16th century, the popular way of saying [...]

Translate Your Brand to Meet the Masses

Translating your brand across borders can be a delicate process. Virgin explains the challenge faced by U.S. company Clairol when introducing their ‘Mist Stick’ curling iron to a German audience: “mist in German slang means manure.” Another example of brand-gone-bad is when American baby food company Gerber came up against a similar problem in France, [...]


ITC Global Translations is a multilingual translation company, providing services in a variety of industries and for all types of companies. We translate scientific and technical documents as well as marketing and legal documents.

More than 2500 specialist translators

Our translation company works with 2500 hand-picked professional translators throughout the world. These linguists work in a variety of languages and language pairs: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Our translators are assigned to a project according to their expertise in the relevant language as well as their area of specialization (IT, medical, gastronomy, travel/tourism, etc.). ITC’s unique process: we have an in-house department dedicated to the selection, evaluation and management of our linguist network.

Quality and responsiveness offered by ITC, translation company

Thanks to our method of operation, our translation company is able to provide high-quality translations and a high level of responsiveness. We can meet all type of requests, even the most demanding.For this reason, our clients report a high level of customer satisfaction, in terms of the quality of the service provided and the working relationship we maintain throughout the project. 100% of ITC’s clients would recommend our translation company.