How ITC is Handling the COVID-19 Crisis

Like all companies, ITC Global Translations is obviously impacted by this unprecedented health crisis. To ensure business continuity and do our best to adapt, we have implemented several measures to support all of the people our company interacts with.  Support for employees Since lockdowns began in mid-March, our entire team (in Canada, the United States [...]

Boost Local Businesses Virtually

Since the Coronavirus pandemic impacts our local economies as well as our health, governments have started rolling out measures to stimulate the economy and support businesses.  We all know that local businesses that aren’t considered essential services are suffering during this financial crisis. They’ve had to find ways to reduce their expenses and mitigate the [...]

Clearing Up Medical Words: No Prescription Needed

Where do these words, expressions and illnesses come from? Some explanations might surprise you! Gardenal: The pharmaceutical lab that developed this sleeping pill brand had previously—and successfully—marketed other medications that all ended with “nal.” The firm’s director tasked the marketing department with figuring out a name for this new drug, asking them in French to [...]

Translation Services During Global Emergencies

The rise of COVID-19 has taught the world many valuable lessons, and it has hit some countries much harder than others. However, over the course of the pandemic, one thing has become crystal clear: accurate translations are more important than ever. Effective translations matter when something as serious as COVID-19 affects the world. There are [...]

Working from Home: 10 Tips for Managing Your Time

As a translation agency, our team includes more than 2500 professional linguists located all around the globe. Working from home is something we know well! During self-isolation, our translators want to share with you their 10 best tricks and tips for managing your time when working remotely: 1. Make a list of tasks Prepare the [...]

Africa: Overcoming the Challenges of Conveying Prevention Messages

In North America, people tend to call the coronavirus a “nasty flu,” while too often referring to the flu itself as a “bad cold”—an unfortunate habit with repercussions when it came to realizing the danger COVID-19 actually represents. It really makes you appreciate how hard it can be to use the right words. This problem [...]