Although video games have been booming lately, good old-fashioned board games are still just as popular in every country and culture. Find out how ITC Translations, a translation agency for board games, can help you export your games internationally.

Board Game Translation: What Are the Stakes?

The goal of a board game is to relax and have fun with family and friends. Therefore, it is important that the game is easy to understand, so it should be in the language of the target audience. A game designed in Quebec and sold in France must be localized so that players from the new market can understand it, even though the official language is the same. Otherwise, they will not play. As soon as a board game is sold abroad, a translation of the game becomes essential for its success.

Several strategies for translating board games exist. It is possible to use a title that does not exist in any language. For example, the famous game Jenga, which is a derivative of the word “build” in Swahili, is an invented word and does not need translation. On the other hand, the rules and all other information must still be understood in all languages. Some translations of board games are multilingual. Instead of printing one game in each language of the target markets, a single rulebook is created in several languages. For example, the game Squadro in France used a board game translation agency to translate its rules into 24 languages.

The important thing to remember is that a player is always more likely to enjoy a board game and to play it regularly if it is in his or her native language.

Translation of Documents Related to Board Games

Our team of linguists around the world with expertise in the board game industry can localize and translate your game materials, including:

Rule Booklets

Instructions for use

Character Descriptions


Table Games

Board Games

Role-playing Games

Card Games

Card Games

And more!

Trust Your Board Game Translations to ITC

ITC specializes in translating board games. With more than 20 years of experience, we take charge of all your projects through customized services that meet your needs. ITC has access to the expertise of 2,500+ professional translators all specialized in a specific field of activity. Our experienced and expert linguists provide quality translations that are perfectly equivalent to the original texts. Among these experts, we have selected many professionals specially trained to translate board games.

As a multilingual translation company, ITC offers a range of more than 80 language combinations. You can see the list of all the translated languages and access the solutions suggested by our agency for the translation of your board game on our website.

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