TRANSLATION SERVICES IN CALIFORNIA (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco …)

If California was its own nation, it would have the fifth largest economy in the world. The diverse companies in this powerhouse state turn to ITC for all their multilingual translation, SEO, transcreation, subtitling, voiceover, localization and desktop publishing services.

Document translation services in California

Companies in the largest U.S. state by population include leaders in technical, medical and legal fields (and many others) who rely on ITC’s document translation services when they want to reach customers in more than 80 language pairs.

Those seeking technical translation services can entrust their product data sheets, user guides, specifications, tenders, safety data sheets, software, catalogs and a multitude of other document types to our professional translators who are carefully selected for their ability to produce translations that accurately convey each company’s product or service details to their customers and prospects.

For businesses in the healthcare industry, medical translation services are critical. These companies can find their ideal partner in ITC. We work with an extensive network of experienced medical translators who have the expertise and knowledge to handle everything from medical journal articles to patient instructions.

Since no two legal systems are exactly the same, companies who partner with ITC for their legal translation services know that the legal experts assigned to their projects will understand the nuances of the legal systems and languages they’re translating between so that all the right information is made available. Our legal translators have worked on a wide range of document types, including statues, contracts, summonses, rulings, corporate documentation and more.

California is home to a wide range of companies working in the film industry and in digital media. For these businesses, voice-over, dubbing and subtitling services are essential. Fortunately, ITC has invested in the tools and resources required to bring audio visual content to international audiences. Plus, managing human resources can be complicated for people in these industries that often span international borders, making ITC’s corporate and human resources translation services an ideal resource.

Healthcare case study

Client brief

Translate and proofread 4.5 million words using specialist medical terminology in less than 5 months.


English to French


ITC created a custom process to meet our client’s needs on this project, which required significant project management and file engineering resources. Nearly 35 medical linguists were assigned to the project. Terminology was standardized using glossaries, reference documents and in-depth project management oversight.

Certified translation services in California

ITC provides certified translation services for California companies located in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco who want to reach customers around the world. At ITC Global Translations, we combine talent and technology to tailor the translation process to fit your company. We work with expert translators who specialize in specific industries and who are native speakers of the languages they translate into. Their experience in each client’s industry means every medical and technical project is in good hands. And since we partner with a network of 2,500 qualified professionals working in over 80 language pairs, we can offer professional translation services for companies around the state in other industries as well, including agriculture, tourism and IT/software.

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Sometimes sitting down in-person to discuss an upcoming project is the best solution to make sure everyone is on the same page. As your translation partner in California, ITC is available to meet with you in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco. We’re also happy to travel to your location to discuss the translation services you need and how ITC can best help you achieve your international business goals.

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