Chicago is known as the Windy City and its centralized location on Lake Michigan in the upper Midwest make it an ideal location for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, health services and technology, transportation, and information technology. Read on to see how ITC provides translation services that help companies in Chicago connect with partners and take their products and services to international markets.


Translation Services for Major Industries in Chicago, IL


Food, metals and plastics are the top manufacturing sectors in Chicago and manufacturing translation services provided by ITC are essential for supporting the entire value chain. As manufacturing technology evolves, new ideas are needed to keep Chicago companies on the manufacturing map. Incubators like mHub are tackling this challenge, providing mentorship and training for innovators in this field. ITC is ready with the translation services manufacturing stakeholders need to keep pace with global changes in the sector.


Manufactured goods need a way to get to their final destination, so it makes sense that transportation is also a major industry in the Chicago area. Transportation translation services help companies get their final goods and components to customers and partners around the globe. Supply chain companies like Tax Air Freight and Saia LTL Freight have set up shop here to take advantage of the intermodal transportation options including trucks, trains and two international airports that make international shipping much easier. ITC and our expert native translators are on hand with transportation translation solutions that keep things running smoothly.

Health Services and Technology

Many health and medical associations have chosen Chicago as their headquarters, including the American Medical Association, the American Dental Association, and the American Hospital Association. ITC has a pool of experienced translators that can provide top-notch health services and technology translation services for these critical organizations that set policy and drive opinion locally and around the world. Healthcare is also a leading industry in the Chicago area and a wide range of related companies call this location home, including health insurers, nursing care facilities, general hospitals and med tech firms, all of whom can rely on ITC for their health services and technology translation needs.

Information Technology

Information Technology is a leading industry in Chicago that’s been quickly growing in recent years. ITC’s expertise in the IT field puts us in the right position to provide the IT translation services this industry needs as it expands here and internationally. As digital startups come through local incubators like 1871, translation for these IT companies is a key milestone on the pathway to success.

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    Languages Services We Offer in Chicago, IL

    Companies can turn to ITC for high-quality translation services in Chicago to reach their customers, suppliers and partners around the world in industries like manufacturing, transportation, health services and technology, IT and more.

    Translation & DTP

    Translation by native translators who are experts in their field, proofreading and editing, machine translation and post-editing, transcreation, multilingual DTP for ready-to-use files.

    Remote and on-site interpreting

    Consecutive or simultaneous interpreting: remotely by video or telephone, on-site with soundproof booth or bidule (microtransmitter and receivers).

    Audio & video

    Localization and audiovisual production: transcription, subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, voice casting, synthetic voice.

    Content writing

    Writing content in the languages of your choice: SEO-optimized web content, blog articles, technical manuals, white papers, etc.


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    Legacy Marketing, ITC’s Client in Chicago

    Legacy works in a seamless environment to create the smoothest path to great experiences. They minimize friction so that the best, most effective ideas can move forward. ITC helps them reach clients by translating their email campaigns.

    About Chicago, IL

    Chicago boasts many firsts: The U.S.’s first open-heart surgery was performed in 1893 by Northwestern University graduate Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, one of the first Black physicians in the city. In 1942, the first atom was split at the University of Chicago. And Chicago is home to the world’s tallest building designed by a woman, the Aqua, by architect Jeanne Gang. As a bonus, we have Bertha Palmer to thank for creating the brownie, which she introduced at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.

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    The goal of the ISO 17100 standard is to outline translation processes and guarantee that a company follows best practices related to translators, technical resources and service quality.

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