In the face of increasingly international scientific research, language should not be a hindrance to your development. Find out how ITC Translations, a medical translation agency, can help you with translating clinical studies.

The Importance of Clinical Study Translation

Clinical trials are increasingly being conducted on a global scale. According to industry studies, more than 90% of new drugs approved in 2017 have been tested outside North America, in places such as Asia, Latin America or Central and Eastern Europe. Considering this trend, translation services are a prerequisite for today’s global clinical trial activities. Whether you are a Contract Research Organization (CRO), trial sponsor, Institutional Review Board (IRB) or hospital system requiring professional medical translation services into Spanish, Simplified Chinese or Indonesian, a translation agency such as ITC Translations will have the language capabilities and foreign regulatory expertise to help you navigate the intricacies of international compliance and foreign clinical studies.

The translation of your clinical trial reports and case studies should not be a barrier to your international drug launches. As important and ground-breaking medical research is constantly being conducted around the world, professional clinical research translation services are essential to share your important advances and gain a global reputation, regardless of your field of research. Whether you need the translation of a medical questionnaire, a healthcare information brochure, or an informed consent form, professional language services streamline clinical research and development so that medical companies can confidently accelerate their global growth.

Entrust the Translation of Your Clinical Studies to ITC

ITC offers healthcare and medical professionals our expertise in the translation of clinical studies. Our agency, working with experienced medical translators, can handle your documents in more than 80 language combinations. Translating a clinical study is a particularly demanding task. Requiring the use of specific vocabulary and strict compliance with ethical rules, it must be entrusted to a linguist specializing in medical translation. Our expert linguists are fully experienced with the entire process of clinical research, medical trials, and international regulations.

To provide our customers with consistent and reliable translations, we select medical translators with a proven track record. This ensures that we can guarantee the highest quality medical and pharmaceutical translations. Our clinical study translation agency is also committed to carrying out numerous evaluations of its employees. With a dedicated medical service team, we offer you a tailor-made procedure that is specially adapted to your translation requests, while ensuring data confidentiality.

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