Companies in the world of beauty and cosmetics face stiff competition. Read on to see how ITC Translations, a cosmetic translation agency, can help you stand out from the competition and develop internationally by localizing your content.

What are the challenges in cosmetic translation?

Expanding into international markets or importing new products has become essential for gaining market share and getting ahead of the competition. But these tactics can be more complicated than they appear, particularly when it comes to translation. With local regulations to comply with, different use cases to explain and specific brand terminology to communicate, translation in the cosmetics requires partnering with a professional translation agency specialized in the industry.

The cosmetics industry is a vast one encompassing makeup, skin, hair and body care products, pharmaceutical products, beauty accessories and more. Whether you want to communicate with foreign suppliers or sell your products around the world, it’s important to communicate the same information to everyone. The consumer needs to feel the same emotions when they explore the product no matter what their nationality or where they live.

Transcreation is an extremely creative process that takes a message from the source language and recreates the same impact by adapting it to another culture and this service is essential in this sector where brands want to create strong connections. A product’s intrinsic qualities aren’t always enough to drive sales. The emotions and experience the product creates should also be considered.

Plus, inaccurate translations may have unfortunate consequences. Poorly-translated instructions on how to use a product or a video tutorial that doesn’t recreate the message you want to share might lead people to use the product incorrectly. You’re likely to lose customers and sales if consumers are turned off by your communications. Communicate the right message to your customers with cosmetic translations from a professional team that’s always available to provide advice and support for your projects.

ITC Translations is HIPAA compliant.

ITC Translations USA, Inc. staff are trained, tested and certified on this important legislation and we provide 100% compliant services that fulfil the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Cosmetic Document Translations

ITC Global Translations will translate your documents carefully, preserving the message you want to share and using the right terminology for the world of cosmetics. Below are examples of the document types we can translate:

Product Names

Product Data Sheets

Instructions for use

Tutorial Videos




Press Releases


And more!

ITC: Your Cosmetic Translation Agency

Our linguists who specialize in beauty and cosmetics have two skill sets: mastery of the source language and the language they translate into, as well as up-to-date knowledge in the cosmetics industry. This double competence enables us to offer quality translation services in more than 80 language combinations.

We also use the latest translation tools on the market to give our professional translators the best working conditions and ensure optimal translation quality. For example, we use computer assisted translation tools to create glossaries and translation memories that enable us to translate faster and more accurately using your terminology. These tools help standardize terminology among translated documents, even when those projects are spaced months apart.

Our specialized cosmetic translation agency also guarantees complete confidentiality for all projects our clients entrust to us. If needed, we can supply you with a certificate of confidentiality. We can also provide certificates of translation accuracy along with translator and proofreader resumes, items that are often required by the complex regulations governing the cosmetics industry.

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