Companies in the engineering sector have their fair share of competition and many are racing to conquer international markets. To be successful, they must communicate in different languages based on the target countries. As an agency specialized in engineering translation, ITC Translations will help you adapt your communications to the world’s many languages.

What are the challenges in translation for engineering?

The engineering sector is vast and includes many disciplines, each with their own specific terminology. These disciplines include:

  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Ecological engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • IT engineering
  • Cognitive engineering
  • Automotive engineering

In the engineering sector, any error opens the door to the competition. Errors in technical documentation can lead to many unwelcome consequences: project cancellations, loss of partners or clients, additional expenses, lawsuits, complaints, etc. Even worse, these errors can lead to communication breakdowns and damage or ruin your image. That’s why it’s important for your documents to be high-quality, no matter your location or target audience.

Today, with the geographic expansion of engineering projects and their international scope, it’s likely some of your projects will be in other cities, regions or countries. These projects may even span the globe. With this in mind, it’s important to know how to adapt your documents into different languages to successfully communicate internally and externally.

You’ll need documents that are professionally adapted to different local languages so that your target audiences and various partners see that you’re speaking directly to them. Your clients need to understand you and the same message must be conveyed around the world in every language. That’s why it’s important to use professional translation services in the engineering field.

Engineering Document Translation

ITC Translations offers engineering document translation for all types of content, including:

Technical reports

Technical instructions





Safety documents

Product descriptions

International communications


Codes of conduct


Technical and engineering standards

And more!

Turn to ITC, Your Translation Agency for the Engineering Industry

Looking for a translation agency specialized in the engineering field? Our experienced team has multiple years of experience translating engineering documents. These experts know this sector well and are familiar with each industry’s complex terminology. Due to the engineering-specific jargon, our translators work exclusively into their native language, ensuring that you receive a high-quality, precise translation.

Our linguists use the technical terminology that’s appropriate for each document type. In terms of the theme and goals of your message, we make sure they are transposed into other languages with no loss of information. There will be no difference between the source language and the target languages, so the various audiences will receive the same message, adapted to their local culture if necessary. We have more than 20 years of experience in the engineering sector and have explored its many facets. We use the best computer assisted translation tools on the market and can create a dedicated translation memory for your company to make sure the technical vocabulary we use is always correct. Finally, our agency guarantees that your documents will remain confidential.

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