The City of Angels is home to a wide range of industries, but is known around the world as an entertainment mecca with a high concentration of major film, TV and music companies. High-tech aerospace and bioscience companies also reach for the stars here. Read on to see how ITC translation agency provides translation services so LA companies can expand their global reach.


Major Industries in Los Angeles, CA


With the global reach of U.S. entertainment companies like Disney, FOX Paramount, DreamWorks, Sony, NBC Universal and Warner Bros, entertainment translation services are essential so this industry can tell its stories in every language. The same is true of the music industry, which turns to translation companies like ITC to reach an international audience. We can’t forget TV: the five major U.S. broadcast networks have studios in LA and all of them need entertainment translation at one time or another. Entertainment in Los Angeles is a non-stop business!


Now we turn from stars on earth to stars in the sky: according to Discover Los Angeles, LA County is home to more than 330 companies in the aerospace vehicle and defense industries. With partnerships around the world, aerospace translation services are a mission critical component of any business strategy. ITC provides aerospace translation that enables every player in this industry to connect with partners, scientists, researchers and consumers around the world.


Bioscience is another high-tech sector that’s found its place in the Los Angeles area. Discover Los Angeles says, “LA’s extensive field of bioscience research and development and numerous premier learning institutions are propelling a global impact in the bioscience industry.” It’s no secret that bioscience translation services allow everyone in this industry to maintain connections and share research findings. ITC’s experienced bioscience translation experts have the skills and knowledge required to serve this exacting field.


Los Angeles is the perfect place for the fashion industry to set up shop. This area is home to companies in apparel design, manufacturing and wholesaling, as well as textile, footwear, jewelry and leather goods. With the international nature of fashion today, ITC is ready to provide fashion translation services so companies in every sector of the industry can communicate with consumers, suppliers and partners around the world.


ITC provides the transportation translation services that companies in a wide range of advanced transportation sectors need. Companies in this field who call LA home include electric vehicle system makers, automotive design firms, smart grid companies, connected vehicle equipment manufacturers and zero emission bus and truck manufacturers. Here again, the interconnected nature of global business means that transportation translation is necessary to cooperate with partners and reach new consumer markets. ITC has expert translators who specialize in these sectors in a wide variety of languages.

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    Languages Services We Offer in Los Angeles, CA

    Companies can turn to ITC for high-quality translation services in Los Angeles to reach their viewers, customers and partners around the world in the entertainment and fashion worlds, as well as in high-tech industries like aerospace, bioscience and transportation.

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    Translation by native translators who are experts in their field, proofreading and editing, machine translation and post-editing, transcreation, multilingual DTP for ready-to-use files.

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    Localization and audiovisual production: transcription, subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, voice casting, synthetic voice.

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    Meet VENN, ITC’s Client in Los Angeles, CA

    Cosmetic company VENN turns to ITC translation agency for their English to French translations, as well as localization services. As their website explains, “VENN brings together over 25 years of skincare research and innovation in South Korea with clean, high-performance ingredients to develop category-defining products that help streamline skincare routines without compromising on the efficacy.” We help them take their innovative products to demanding French-speaking consumers around the globe.

    About Los Angeles, CA

    Many people know Los Angeles as the world’s entertainment capital. They might not know that it’s also the only city in North America to have hosted the Summer Olympics twice. And they’ll host again in 2028! Along with entertainment, the arts have a strong presence here. The metropolitan area has even surpassed previous champion New York City as the leading artistic center in the United States. LA is home to more than 23,000 jobs in the arts.

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