Transferring the same message and the same emotion from one language to another to reach a particular target audience can be tricky. Read on to learn how ITC Translations, a marketing and advertising translation agency, can support your work by translating all your communications.

Why is marketing translation a challenge for your company?

In today’s business world, where international trade is constantly expanding, organizations and companies are enjoying unprecedented growth. The global marketplace offers valuable opportunities that must be acted upon if companies want to stay in the race and boost their business.

Multilingual communication is one of the essential tools you need to launch new products or a promotional marketing campaign for your company. It will reflect your brand image and convince your targets to do business with you, so careful translation of this type of document is essential.

A consumer is immersed in a particular culture and social circle. These environments have their own idiomatic expressions, metaphors and puns. A literal translation must be avoided. Instead, content should be culturally adapted so that it transmits the same emotion as the original message. This process is called transcreation. Translators who specialize in marketing add value to a translation by adapting content to the target culture. To do this, they will likely need to “move away” from the source text and do a creative translation that still conveys the original meaning of the message but in a way that connects with the new audience.

Marketing and Advertising Document Translations

To make sure their message is understood in other countries, companies must make sure that their advertising, communication (internal and external) and marketing documents are translated. These include:





Sales presentations

Sales proposals


Company videos


Press releases

Conference programs

Press kits


Internal documents

And more!

Turn to ITC, Your Marketing Translation Agency

We offer much more than a translation: we adapt your message to the target audience in any country. For your marketing materials to have the same impact in a foreign language as they do in the original language, we carefully choose specialized translators.

  • Our linguists specialize in marketing and your industry.
  • They have technical and editorial skills.
  • They translate exclusively into their native language.
  • They live in the target country so they stay informed about cultural and societal changes.
  • They know the source language very well.

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