Known as Brew City due to its nearly 200 years as a beer brewing haven, Milwaukee is the largest city in the state and home to thriving food and drink, tourism, manufacturing and creative industries. Read on to see how ITC helps Milwaukee take their innovations to customers and partners around the world.


Major Business Industries in Milwaukee, WI


Immigrant industrialists also founded many manufacturing businesses, making the Milwaukee region one of the top manufacturing centers in the U.S. Fifteen percent of the workforce is employed in manufacturing, making it has the second highest percentage among the country’s top 50 metros, according to Choose Milwaukee. The region’s specialties include precision manufacturing and producing industrial controls and medical imaging equipment.


Building on its manufacturing roots, the city nurtures creatives like artists, musicians, engineers, scientists, makers and many more. For example, famous groups like the BoDeans, Violent Femmes and Fever Marlene all formed in Milwaukee.

Food and Drink

Immigrants from around the world have settled in this area, bringing their foods and especially their cultures with them. The city is known as the best place for beer, brats and cheese, with a 170+ year history of beer brewing that started with German brew masters. It has expanded far beyond these roots and is now home to a wide range of businesses in the food and drink industry, featuring everything from bitters and ramen to farm to table restaurants. Bon appétit!

Beer and Brewing

Beer is what made Milwaukee famous, as the saying goes. Brewers like Blatz, Pabst, Schlitz and Miller have all had a presence here and now the craft brew industry is taking off more than ever. Tap, bottle, can or even keg, Milwaukee offers a large variety of your favorite drink to share with friends and family.

Tourism and Hospitality

Native American nations first came to this area because it had lush vegetation and proximity to three rivers and Lake Michigan. Visit Milwaukee writes, “The Algonquians, Potawatomis, and Ojibwe named the area ‘Millioke,’ ‘Ominowakiing,’ and ‘Manwaking,’ all variations of ‘good land’ and ‘gathering place by the water.’” People are still drawn to this area, with direct spending of $3.3 billion from tourists in 2019. The city hosts large famous events like Summerfest, billed as the largest musical festival in the U.S. by the Guinness World Records since 1999.

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    Languages Services We Offer in Milwaukee, WI

    Companies in Milwaukee can turn to ITC for high-quality linguistic services to reach their international customers, partners and tourists visiting the region.

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    Some ITC Clients in Milwaukee, WI

    Caleffi manufactures high-quality components for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, heat metering and renewables systems. The company has employees all over the world and serves more than 90 markets. ITC handles translation and desktop publishing for the company, ensuring they can connect with their customers and partners around the world and to ensure they can keep growing their business internationally. Our team is proud of this great new partnership and hope to grow it within the next years.

    About Milwaukee, WI

    According to its own website, “beginning in the early 21st century, the city has been undergoing its largest construction boom since the 1960s.” Innovation has always been part of Milwaukee’s DNA, so it makes sense that the modern typewriter, using the QWERTY key layout, was invented here. And the city is still known for its connection to Lake Michigan, with a lovely downtown lakefront area that features beautiful views along with boutique stores, galleries, restaurants with water views, and lots of walking trails and parks.

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