Our expertise is backed by our mastery of translation technology, expansive project management and rigorous quality control.

Leveraging technology for your project

  • Extensive experience with the latest translation tools.
  • Support for any file format.
  • Dedicated translation memory* and glossary construction
  • Use of a project management tool.
  • Complete document translation services including multilingual desktop publishing and final proof review.
  • Complementary services like SEO translation, content writing, audio & video (subtitling, dubbing, voice-over) and interpretation.

*A translation memory is a database containing segments of the source text as well as the equivalent of these segments in another language (target segments).

Managing your project

  • 1

    Receive and analyze

    The sales department receives your request first. They take the time to understand what you need and gather all the necessary information so your project can be completed successfully. If the complexity of your project warrants it, they will call on our engineering team to analyze your files. The sales team evaluates the time and total cost of the work to be completed and sends you an appropriate quote.

    Did you know?
    The administration time for each project is calculated based on the number of words

  • 2

    Research, prepare and assign

    The project is sent to one of our project managers. They then choose the member(s) of the team that will work on your project based on rigorous selection criteria.

    Did you know?
    A project manager at ITC can receive up to 20 projects per day.


  • 3


    The translator we select receives the project along with its instructions and delivery date. They make sure to translate and deliver on time.

    Did you know?
    A professional linguist translates 1,500 words per day, on average.

  • 4

    Check quality

    The expert linguists send their finished work to the project manager who completes quality control. If requested by the client, revision and/or proofreading may be completed before quality control. We strongly recommend these services for any sensitive materials. They will be completed by a second linguist.

    Did you know?
    A reviser reviews 1,000 words per hour, on average.


  • 5


    The project manager sends you the completed work. Once you receive it, you can send us your comments and our team will be happy to make any necessary changes.

    Did you know?
    ITC handled 9,366 projects in 2019.

  • 6

    Translation memory

    Your dedicated translation memory is updated with the delivered project so that the translated phrases can easily be found later, which helps ensure terminology remains consistent.


Controlling quality on your project

Our translation agency always performs quality control before each delivery. This check is completed internally by a project manager.

Quality control includes:

  • Checking spelling, grammar and syntax
  • Verifying line breaks and capitalization
  • Verifying that the instructions were followed to the letter
  • Checking for inconsistent terminology
  • Verifying numbers, layout and formatting

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