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Document translation services in Wisconsin

Companies in medical, legal or technical industries (and many others) can expand around the world with ITC’s document translation services in more than 80 language pairs.

When you need medical translation services in Wisconsin, turn to an experienced partner with an extensive network of specialized translators who put their expertise in the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to work on your behalf.

We turn to skilled professionals who can accurately translate any type of document you may need, from patient records to clinical studies and so much more.

As you well know, legal systems vary by country and region. Translations in this industry require professionals who know the nuances of each system and how to handle their differences in translation. That’s why top legal firms turn to ITC for legal translation services that appropriately convey the intended meaning.

Our legal translators are ready to get to work on your contracts, summonses, meeting reports, rulings and more.

Many industries want technical translation services to communicate with customers, employees and partners in their native language. Because well-translated documents lead to improved clarity, precision and understanding, we rely on a network of expert technical translators who specialize in translating your document with the right terminology for your sector.

Whether it’s product data sheets, user guides, specifications, tenders, safety data sheets, software or catalogs, we provide translations that strengthen your company’s reputation.

The way your company communicates with external stakeholders has a significant impact on your reputation. In the age of 24-hour news and instantaneous social media commentary, translation services for your corporate communications are an essential tool for managing how the general public views your business around the world.

When you partner with ITC for your public relations, marketing and corporate communications projects, you can rest assured that our dedicated network of talented translators will handle your press releases, social media communications, CSR policies and much more with the flair and attention to detail they deserve in order to protect your image and communicate your values to customers and business partners.

Legal case study

Client brief

Translate more than 2 million words and proofread over 180,000 words in 2.5 months from more than 300 transcriptions from public hearings while using correct terminology and staying as close as possible to the source text.


Canadian English to Canadian French and Canadian French to Canadian English.


ITC created a custom process and team for our client, coordinated by a dedicated project manager. She worked with our engineer for file preparation work and oversaw 60 linguists who translated and proofread the text.

Certified translation services in Wisconsin

ITC provides certified translation services for companies in Wisconsin who want to reach customers around the world. At ITC Global Translations, we combine talent and technology to tailor the translation process to fit your company. We work with expert translators who specialize in specific industries and who are native speakers of the languages they translate into. Their experience in each client’s industry means every medical, legal and technical project is in good hands. And since we partner with a network of 2,500 qualified professionals working in over 80 language pairs, we can offer professional translation services in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and many other cities for companies in other industries as well, including agriculture, marketing and IT/software.

Meet us in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or wherever you are…

Sometimes sitting down in-person to discuss an upcoming project is the best solution to make sure everyone is on the same page. As your translation partner in Wisconsin, ITC is available to meet with you in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and other places around the state. We’re also happy to travel to your location to discuss the translation services you need and how ITC can best help you achieve your international business goals.

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