ITC Translations is a voice casting agency with professional voice over talent who will brilliantly communicate your message.

Why You Need Voice Casting

Choosing the right voice talent for your audio and video messages is essential because the voice is the main way that emotions are conveyed. We’ve probably all watched a film where the dubbed voice wasn’t quite right. At best, we were amused. At worst, we didn’t understand the message we were supposed to be getting.

The task of localizing a video is often derailed by the challenge of selecting the most appropriate voices to convey the original message. There are two selection criteria when casting voice over or dubbing talent:

  • Search for a voice with the same register and timbre to match the original voice as closely as possible
  • Select a voice actor who has the right tone and intensity for the message

As you can see, it’s essential to have several options in each target language. Once you’ve tackled this challenge, sometimes from thousands of kilometers away, you then have to worry about recording.

Entrust Your Voice Actor Search to ITC, Voice Casting Agency

We have a talent pool of more than 1000 voices in 50 different languages so you can find the technical and linguistic experts you need for your videos, with 10 to 40 actors per language, even the rarest. Our artistic directors will preselect the best professional voices that fit your project.

Whether your project includes voice-over or dubbing, you can participate in the recording sessions remotely and give your feedback live to get the results you want.

Our three agencies in Canada, the United States and France will help you select the talent and work closely with you during recording in our studios or those of our partners and during post-production.

Our partnerships with recording studios on five continents will also ensure you get optimal recording quality even on the other side of the planet.

Looking for a voice over casting agency for your next video? Contact us today to discuss your project.

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