Sharing information widely within a business is essential to encourage employees to buy into your company culture, especially when there are locations in multiple countries. Read on to learn how ITC Translations, a translation agency specialized in the field of human resources, can support your company by translating your internal communications.

The challenges of human resources translation for your company

Human resources translations—also known as internal communications—are designed to facilitate strategic relationships and conversations within your business. Communication like this generally takes place between company leaders, management and employees. When this type of communication is done well, it ensures your employees will have ground-breaking business results and improved productivity, collaboration and performance.

Good human resources communication empowers your employees to execute your business strategy intelligently and supports the culture, behaviors and belief systems that shape your company’s future. It ensures that your employees say positive things when speaking to customers, casting your brand and reputation in the best light.

Additionally, it’s even more obvious that in this age of global business, companies must be adept at translating between cultures and languages so that they may maintain and recruit the best talent. It’s important to cater to the specifics of various groups, master various communication strategies in a multitude of environments, and cultivate a sense of unity and purpose for the company that bridges the gap of geographic, linguistic, and cultural borders.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when translating corporate HR materials: the company culture, the target audience, the spin the company wants to put on its news or social media marketing, the grammatical structures of the source and target languages, and more.

Human resources communications translation requires accuracy and consistency in all content for a specific brand or product. HR documentation often requires special attention. That’s why translations from a specialized agency like ITC Global Translations are never literal. Instead, they convey the concepts, tone and meaning of the source communication.

HR Document Translations

ITC Translations translates a wide variety of human resources documents. Some examples include:

Internal newsletters

Intranet content

Onboarding booklets

Activity reports

Job descriptions

Meeting Notes

Employment contracts

Training documentation

And more!

Turn to ITC Translations, Translation Agency Specialized in Human Resources Translation

We can help your business create an inclusive and highly informed workplace by translating all of your communications in an accurate, consistent and timely manner.

ITC Translations offers high-quality, consistent and relevant corporate translations that are perfectly in tune with your corporate style and image and your target audience. We pay fastidious attention to technical details, and as part of the process of translating HR communications, we will review and identify any areas of your content that need to be culturally adapted or localized. Our secure infrastructure means we can offer complete confidentiality and peace of mind throughout your translation process.

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