ITC Translations is HIPAA compliant

In this digital era, HIPAA is the most important medical acronym in the health information privacy field.

ITC Translation USA, Inc. staff are trained, tested and certified on this important legislation and we provide 100% compliant services that fulfil the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

What is HIPAA?

The U.S. Congress adopted HIPAA in 1996 to ensure that patients’ digital health information is protected and kept private. HIPAA states that patients have rights to their health information and only they can decide how much access they will grant to that information.

HIPAA rules govern Protected Health Information (PHI). PHI is personal patient information that should never be sold, distributed or disclosed by anyone other than the patient or their doctor.

Through HIPAA, PHI is collected, created, maintained or transmitted by an entity according to specific data protection rules. These entities include all healthcare facilities and personnel, as well as business partners such as language service providers.

Some examples of PHI:

  • Medical provider billing information
  • Phone records
  • Any prescription or medication information emailed to a doctor’s office
  • MRI scans results
  • Blood test results

Choosing the right language provider

What sets ITC apart from other professional translation agencies is the steps we take to protect the medical information we receive. Complying with HIPPA regulations means providing a team of professionals who are trained in rigorous procedures to follow when handling documents containing PHI.

ITC has its own HIPAA-compliant project management portal that allows clients and translators to securely share documents for translation and final files.

Protecting medical data is a priority at ITC. As a professional language services agency, ITC operates only through HIPAA compliant translation processes.

If your organization is interested in HIPAA-protected healthcare language services, contact us!

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