Why Cutting Costs for Translation May Not Be Worthwhile

Every business or organization wants to cut its costs while driving up its profits. But sometimes, there are certain areas where scaling back on costs may not pay off. A perfect example of this is in translation. When a company needs to translate any kind of materials or multimedia, it’s easy to assume that you can do so without spending much money. This is largely due to things like automated translation tools or people advertising low-cost services online, both of which can make it appear as though your translations will cost next to nothing.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Translation services aren’t something to skimp and cut costs on, and doing so could actually end up costing your company far more than the initial expense of getting professional, quality translations.

Why You Can’t Skimp on Translation Costs

There are numerous reasons that going with professional translation services is so important. When you turn to amateurs or automated tools, you’ll have numerous problems. Here are some of the reasons that you can’t skimp on translation costs.

  • Accuracy – Simply put, typing in a string of words into an automated tool generally does nothing more than get you a one to one translation of those words. But language isn’t like that. When a phrase is spoken or written, various nuances are present. The meaning behind the words goes beyond the bare words themselves. Professional translation services understand this and provide you with accurate translations.
  • Lost Profit – When a translation isn’t what it should be, your business can suffer. Those speaking a native language who don’t understand the translation or a translation that doesn’t convey the proper message can end up actually costing your business far more than the initial investment in the translation itself.
  • Legal Issues – In some cases, an inaccurate translation could lead to legal issues. Compliance problems, safety issues in the medical field, and more can all become very real problems when you don’t’ translate things properly. This in turn can lead to major fines and penalties. As such, it’s better to invest in translation you can trust.

Ways To Save Without Sacrificing Results

There are, however, a few ways that you can actually reduce overall translation costs without sacrificing the results you deserve. Some options to think about when trying to bring a project into your budget range include:

  • Write with translation in mind
  • Avoid changing work once the translation process begins
  • Bundle the work into one project instead of submitting multiple smaller projects
  • Use a professional translation service that will give you good rates and good results

These tips can help dramatically. A professional translation company may be able to work with you to bring your project into budget, depending on the situation.

When you turn to the right translation provider, you’ll get results that are actually a better overall value for your money. You may spend a bit more, but it’s an investment worth making. At ITC Global Translations, we can give you the translation that is right for you. Contact our team to learn more.

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