When Businesses Look For Professional Translators, Will They Find You?

Translators are much like language masters. They take meaningless words and make them meaningful to different audiences. Translators can make business contracts written in German understandable to those whose native language is Dutch; websites designed in English legible in Spanish; and pharmaceuticals involving clinical trials in France understandable to those in Sweden. Skills You Need [...]

The Human Touch Makes Up For What AI Translation Lacks

In an age when translation is so important, you’ll find instant translation apps and programs that can help you no matter what ends of the earth you travel to. While these travel apps can be great in a pinch for asking innocuous questions, there’s is no way that they’re going to help you close a [...]

How One Small Word Can Have One Big Meaning

Translation takes a written word from its original language and rewrites it in a different language while making sure it conveys the same meaning. Think it sounds simple? Sometimes it is, but sometimes it is not. There are plenty of words that describe multiple feelings and situations all at once, and these do not transfer [...]

3 Atypical Places Where Translation Is Typically Important

Translating a personal communication or a legal document is a fairly common task. There are, however, many areas where translators are needed that are not as common, and most companies don’t think of those other areas until they’re in desperate need for one. These three areas are not often thought of in translation importance, but [...]

The Importance of Animal Translations

Last year, a Giraffe named April stole the hearts of people all over the world. April the Giraffe was preparing to have a baby and the facility where she was housed, The Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y., installed a webcam so that people could watch when it was time for the baby to arrive. [...]

I Just Came to Say Hello

Hello, and how are you today? If you live in a country such as the United States, where English is the most common language spoken, this is a phrase that you might utter a few times a day. If you live there and say hello in a different language, however, you’re still in good company, [...]