Atlanta is known as the country’s center of culture and Black excellence, with trendsetters leading the way in a wide variety of sectors, including music, political organizing, FinTech, logistics and distribution, healthcare IT and advanced manufacturing. Read on to see how ITC provides translation services that help companies in Atlanta connect with partners and take their products and services to international markets.


Translation Services for Major Industries in Atlanta, GA


Many people may not know that Atlanta has become a major center for financial transactions in the U.S. Companies here process 70 percent of all global sales transactions! The number continues to climb as the area adds new FinTech companies. For example, between 2016 and 2019, FinTech businesses increased from 90 to 120. With the global nature of finance in Atlanta, financial technology translation services are essential and ITC is ready to provide the financial translations these companies require to keep things running smoothly for consumers, partners and other companies around the world.

Logistics and Distribution

As a transportation hub, logistics and distribution are an important part of the local economy that also has international dimensions. Logistics translation services are available to support the four top 25 supply chains that come through this area, according to Gartner. Plus, Deloitte says Atlanta is the number two digital supply chain metro area in the U.S. Since these supply chains connect companies and industries around the world, ITC is ready with distribution translation and other services to facilitate global commerce.

Healthcare Information Technology

Atlanta is known around the world as the home to leaders in the healthcare industry, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Piedmont Health and the American Cancer Society. ITC’s medical translation services are available to this sector, as well as the related healthcare IT sector, which is the largest in the country. According to the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the area has 225 healthcare IT companies employing 30,000 people. ITC has the health translation experience necessary to help these businesses communicate well with their many audiences in this critical industry.

Advanced Manufacturing

Production of machinery, electrical equipment and fabricated metals has expanded in the Atlanta area in the past 10 years, surpassing the U.S.’s average growth rate. There are 270,000 employees working in advanced manufacturing. Global companies like Kia Motors, Caterpillar and Delta TechOps have set up facilities in this area. Advanced manufacturing translation services are critical for companies who want to communicate with their international customers, suppliers and partners. Industrial translation is also necessary for companies in this industry that are experimenting with technologies like 3D printing, robotics and automation.

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    Languages Services We Offer in Atlanta, GA

    Companies can turn to ITC for high-quality translation services in Atlanta to reach their, customers, suppliers and partners around the world in industries like FinTech, healthcare IT, advanced manufacturing and more.

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    About Atlanta, GA

    In many years, Atlanta has the busiest airport in the world. It’s also home to the world’s largest drive-in restaurant: The Varsity. The restaurant serves the highest volume of Coca-Cola (created in Atlanta) in the world. Top artists like Outkast, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, Childish Gambino, CeeLo Green, Waka Flocka, Killer Mike and many others got their start in Atlanta. Drawn by the combination of culture and opportunity, the metro area is growing, with 1.1 million new residents moving to the area between 1990 and 2000. More recently, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Atlanta area had the fourth fastest growth in the U.S. between 2010 and 2018, with 660,000 new residents moving in.

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