Nicknames like Silicon Hills and Hippie Haven are a good clue to the business and cultural heavyweights in Austin, Texas, where creative and digital media, clean tech, space tech, life sciences and advanced manufacturing all find their homes. Read on to see how ITC provides translation services that help companies in Austin connect with partners and take their products and services to international markets.


Translation Services for Major Industries in Austin, TX

Advanced Manufacturing

Translation services for advanced manufacturing are in demand in Austin thanks to the region’s leading status in semiconductor and electronics R&D and manufacturing. Nearly 450 high-tech manufacturing firms contribute to the regional economy, employing over 39,000 people. Advanced manufacturing translation supports this highly-trained workforce and facilitates partnerships between higher education institutions and the private sector, keeping Austin in the top tier for automotive technology, medical devices, nanotechnology and aerospace manufacturing.

Creative and Digital Media

Austin is a hub for game, software and mobile app development, along with music and film technology, education technology, advertising, social media and digital content. All of these industries need creative and digital media translation services to make sure people everywhere can enjoy the things they create. In addition, with events like Austin City Limits and South By Southwest conference and festivals, people involved in music, film and tech around the world converge on Austin, driving demand for creative and digital media translation.

Clean Technology

Clean technology in Austin is a booming business, with companies in sectors like wind turbine manufacturing, system integrators and solar technology. Given the urgency of transitioning to clean tech around the world, translation services for clean technology are always needed and ITC is ready with expert translators in this expanding field. Austin is also home to organizations and companies doing clean energy research and development, producing biofuels and developing energy storage solutions. To keep everything running smoothly between local and international partners, ITC provides clean tech translation so everyone is on the same page.

Space Technology

The state of Texas is known as a destination for space industry companies and Austin is at the leading edge of this industry with technology and innovative ideas that make it the perfect place for these companies to set up. International cooperation is an important part of this industry, so space technology translation services are an integral component of the ecosystem, along with top-ranked university engineering programs at the University of Texas, related research centers and advanced computing services. ITC provides space technology translations to support these stakeholders as they reach for the stars.

Life Sciences

The Austin area is home to over 240 life sciences companies employing 15,000 people, so translation services for life sciences are an integral part of the supportive ecosystem that makes this location ideal for these businesses. Life sciences companies in Austin are also supported by ample funding, collaborative research entities, clinical trial facilities and skilled talent.

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    Languages Services We Offer in Austin, TX

    Companies can turn to ITC for high-quality translation services in Austin to reach their customers, suppliers and partners around the world in industries like advanced manufacturing, creative and digital media, clean tech, space tech, life sciences and more.

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    Element Trading, ITC’s Client in Austin, TX

    Element Trading offers a wide array of e-learning and testing solutions for individuals, businesses and institutions. ITC translates text for their website and provides web engineering services.

    About Austin, TX

    One of Austin’s many nicknames is Bat City because it has the largest urban bat colony in North America, according to The Culture Trip. Tourists and locals alike come out each evening in spring and summer to see the 1.5 million bats making Congress Avenue Bridge their home. With Austin’s good weather, it’s easy to see why bats and humans alike love this city, which is sunny 300 days of the year! When it comes to food, Austin is known for breakfast tacos, and some people say if you visit the city without having some, you haven’t really been here at all.

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