ITC Translations uses computer assisted translation (CAT) tools to optimize project quality, timeline, price and terminology.

Our CAT Tools

CAT tools are NOT machine translation tools. They are software that helps translators manage their projects. They make it easier to use existing human translations by segmenting them so they can be reused on subsequent projects.

These segments are saved to a company-specific translation memory database. The more it is expanded, the faster and more economical future translations will be. This translation memory is created for your first project and we update it after each new translation is completed.

We stay up to date on the latest technological advances in translation through our partnerships within the industry.

SDL Trados is the leading CAT software designed for all linguistic service providers, both freelancers and agencies. This software is used for translating and revising content that is saved into a translation memory, as well as for managing translation projects and termbases

Memsource is CAT software that is accessible online so it doesn’t require installation of a program on a computer. It is used to manage translation projects, create translation memories and manage termbases. Memsource also allows your team to approve and/or modify translations by logging into the tool directly online.

Our Project Management System

We work with an online translation management system designed specifically for translation and localization agencies. We use it to centralize our data and automate certain steps, which means we can optimize the time our internal staff spends on a project. It’s also great because our clients get their own portal that they can customize to fit their needs.

Using this tool, our teams on several continents can share data, stay up to date on ongoing projects and communicate with colleagues regardless of the time difference. This system also provides heightened security for your confidential data and complies with the GDPR.

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