Did you know that only 25% of internet users use English for navigating the web? Speaking your audience’s language has never been more important. Read on to learn more about how ITC Translations can help you localize your website.

Why You Should Localize Your Website

With the growth of mobile devices, tablets and websites, the amount of content that needs to be translated and localized is growing exponentially. It’s estimated that in 2022, internet traffic will be three times higher than it was in 2017. Just another data point that shows why companies need to work with a translation agency specialized in website localization services:

  • 59% of the world’s population (4.54 billion people) is connected to the internet.
  • The number of connected devices will be double the world’s population in 2022, which is an average of 3.6 devices per person in comparison with 2.4 devices in 2017.
  • Video content is also going to explode: in 2022, it will represent 82 percent of global traffic, a 75 percent increase over 2017.
  • Around the world, mobile data use will increase seven-fold between now and 2022.
  • 57% of online buyers have purchased from a foreign seller.
  • 75% of internet users want to purchase products in their native language and 92.2% prefer buying from sites that show prices in their local currency.

Using website localization services to localize your website is an essential step in your international development. It will help boost your company’s visibility internationally by incorporating SEO optimization and improving your site’s conversion rate. If the content is adapted to the user’s language AND the culture, they will be more inclined to buy your products or contact you.

Too often, people confuse multilingual website translation and website localization. Translating your website is useful if you want to provide several languages without targeting a particular audience. However, if you want to expand your business in a specific local market, you’ll need to localize your site. While localization includes translation, it goes well beyond it. It also includes a cultural dimension and adapting numerous elements such as measurements, currencies, screen captures, date formats, URLs and many others.

Professional Website Translation and CMS

We can work in a wide variety of Content Management Systems (CMS):




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And more!

Turn to ITC Translations to Localize Your Website

ITC Translations has a team of localization engineers ready to help localize all your content.

Before we do anything else, we’ll evaluate your needs so we can offer the best solution possible. Here are some questions we might ask you:

  • What CMS was used to create your site?
  • If it’s a custom system, can data be exported and re-imported?
  • Do the products and services you offer differ from one market to another?
  • Do you have a multilingual SEO strategy?
  • Besides text, are there any other types of content to be localized, such as graphics, videos, documentation, etc.?
  • Is your source site finished and ready to be analyzed?

For website localization projects, we generally use the following methodology:

  • Content extraction: this part depends entirely on what technology is used, as certain CMS make content easy to export or even automate it with CAT (computer assisted translation) technology. Others will require external software or even manually copying and pasting content.
  • Content analysis: we analyze your content to estimate the number of words to be translated.
  • Linguistic resource search: we assign your project to professional linguists who have the required knowledge in your industry. They translate exclusively into their native language and are experts in your field.
  • Localization: we translate and adapt content to the target market.
  • Revision: we recommend revision by a second linguist for all internet site localization projects because this content is strategic for your business and brand image. Successful translation and localization will improve your international sales.
  • Content import: depending on how your content was exported, we will automatically or manually re-import your content. The extraction and re-import phases can also be completed by your staff or web agency.
  • Functional testing: if we import your multilingual content, we will complete functional testing (acceptance phase) in order to verify that everything is working correctly and that all elements have been localized.
  • Delivery

We want you to be completely satisfied, so we adapt our processes to your technical constraints and deadlines. Contact us today to discuss your website localization project.

Looking for the right partner to translate your website? We’re here to help!

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