Translation plays an important role in the education sector because the educational process is universal. Find out how ITC can support you in translating all your educational materials.

The Challenge of Translation in the Education Sector

Translation needs in the field of education are growing, driven by advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs). Students, teachers, businesspeople and engineers all need training to improve their skills.

While the education sector mainly works with young people, other audiences are also touched by this sector. Whether they are people changing careers or employees getting training to acquire new skills, everyone is impacted by education and training at some point. Making the various media available in the native language of these people means giving them a better chance of success.

Education also means making knowledge accessible to the greatest number and contributing to the development of societies. Making learning materials available in different languages means giving more opportunities for children, teenagers, and adults around the world to learn and enrich themselves culturally.

Translating Educational Documents

ITC is committed to translating your documents while preserving the message to be conveyed and respecting the precise terminology of your document. Here are some examples of documents:

Video tutorials

School books

eLearning platforms

Educational games

Online classes


Reading notes

And more!

Entrust your Translations to ITC, Education Translation Agency

Our education translation agency has selected more than 2,500 professional specialist translators who work in more than 80 language combinations.

Our translators are all specialized in a specific field, corresponding to your sector of activity. They are familiar with the terminology that characterizes it, enabling us to offer you quality translation service. The translated documents are faithful to the message you wish to convey. Our linguists translate exclusively into their native language, allowing us to integrate current language developments.

Our education translation agency offers:

  • Rigorous selection of the translator best suited to your needs.
  • Translator(s) translating into their native language and living in the country to keep in touch with cultural changes.
  • Responsive and conscientious project managers to ensure that your expectations are met.
  • Complementary services for turnkey documents.

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