Providing linguistic services means coordinating an international team for value-added results that give you a substantial competitive advantage. Here’s what sets us apart: our international reach, our constant growth and our professional practices.

An International Team for International Service

We built a powerful network of more than 2500 professional linguists by specializing in several diverse skill sets. Our team members work out of our three offices in Canada, the United States and France, and at remote locations in several other countries, fulfilling high quality standards to complete your projects.

Each of our employees has made a significant contribution during our 20 years of experience and it’s their ongoing commitment that drives us to reach our shared goal every day: to help your company grow internationally

Our Continually Growing Skills

ITC Translations always keeps on top of the latest technology trends, continually working to open new horizons to our clients. Our team is regularly trained on specific professional translation skills.

One of our strategies is to invite team members to share their knowledge during training, such as the Lunch & Learn sessions we regularly organize. Every employee has the opportunity to train their colleagues on a skill they excel in, whether it’s related to their professional activities or not.

Our dozens of employees are based near you and are supported by a team of equally committed managers

Looking for the right partner for your multilingual projects? We’re here to help!