Laws, practices and regulations are always changing in the business world, so financial documentation is constantly developing. Find out how ITC Translations, a financial translation agency, can help you with the translation of your financial and banking documents.

Financial Translation in an Evolving Sector

Constantly evolving and subject to globalization, the financial and banking sectors regularly turn to translation to best communicate information to their various stakeholders (clients, shareholders, investors, etc.). Thus, the demand for financial translation requires the expertise of linguists who are specialized and experienced in the finance world.

It is their specialty that differentiates one translator from another. And when you want to have a document translated in a field, it is best to select professionals who provide quality translations. The idea of seeking financial advice from an IT specialist would not occur to you, regardless of his or her competence. The same applies to translation.

The translators specializing in finance are experts in this industry. Their linguistic competence is accompanied by knowledge that goes far beyond terminology. Whether it be descriptions of investment funds, financial statements, economic commentaries, etc., financial translators master the characteristics of the various types of financial documents. They are familiar with current financial regulations. They understand accounting concepts and are familiar with different types of banking products and services.

If you work for a company in the financial or banking sector and are looking for a translation agency, make sure that they have an in-house team of experts with the required qualities and skills. Indeed, in translation, the expertise of human capital is above all the criterion that ensures the quality of the service and the product.

Financial Document Translation

At ITC, we provide our clients with turnkey financial translation services. We manage all types of financial translation projects, some examples of which include:

Financial report

Financial release


Business plans

Bank documents

Study reports

General terms and conditions of sale

Annual reports

Income statements

And more!

Entrust Your Translations to ITC, Financial Translation Agency

The financial sector is very delicate and complex. A poor-quality translation can lead to errors with serious consequences in the business world. Knowledge of finance, law and related terminology is essential to produce a quality financial translation. Our network of hand-picked linguists who are experts in financial translation addresses this issue through:

  • Having perfect knowledge and experience in finance, accounting, economics, stock exchange and investment.
  • Mastering the source language and the target language of which he or she is a native speaker.
  • Having excellent writing and technical skills.
  • Being attentive to the needs of the customers.

At ITC, we also guarantee complete confidentiality in all our dealings with our clients. Ethical practices are a key focus for our financial translation team.

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