As business goes global, the number of contractual relationships is growing too, creating increased demand for legal translation. Read on to learn how ITC Global Translations, a legal translation agency, can support your work by localizing all your legal documents.

Legal translation, a demanding field

Legal translation is a particularly challenging specialization that involves finding equivalent principles in two different legal systems. Each system has its own legal terminology. The target text must be equivalent, and not identical, to the source text. For this reason, legal translation is similar to localization: the cultural context must be taken into account to produce a faithful translation. In addition to translating the words, professional legal translators provide equivalents for the underlying legal concepts and institutions. But note that a legal translation is not a substitute for seeking legal counsel in the target country.

The field of law is constantly evolving, meaning that legal translators must keep their skills up to date through continuing education programs and close monitoring of developments in the legal sector.

A legal translator must:

  • Have in-depth knowledge of law and the relevant technical vocabulary.
  • Continuously monitor the legal industry in order to take into account all changes in the legal system.
  • Use appropriate reference materials to ensure a perfect understanding of the documents to be translated.
  • Have perfect understanding of the source language.
  • Only translate into their native language.
  • Decline any job if they cannot guarantee a high-quality translation.
  • Decline projects whose deadlines are too short for the assigned task.
  • Have excellent writing skills.
  • Demonstrate high standards.

From time to time, you may need a sworn translation. These projects are assigned to translators in our network who have been accredited by a court of appeal. The translations they produce are recognized by government bodies as official.

With these demanding requirements in mind, you’ll want to turn to a professional legal translation agency like ITC Global Translations to ensure top quality and reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

Legal Document Translations

Our legal translation services cover the expert translation of a wide variety of documents:



Expert reports


Corporate documents

Insurance contracts

Meeting minutes

Documents for creating or closing subsidiaries

Documents related to mergers and acquisitions

Balance sheets

Income statements

Press Releases

Documents related to changes in capital

Annual reports

And more!

Turn to ITC, Your Legal Translation Agency

As a legal translation agency, we’ve made several commitments informed by our experience and the expectations of our clients:

  • We carefully select the linguists assigned to your projects. These linguists only join our team of approved legal translators once they have passed our tests and completed various pre-selection processes. Once approved, our senior in-house linguists regularly monitor their work.
  • We guarantee consistency across your translation projects: Based on your feedback, we ensure quality by continuing to assign your projects to the same translator whose work has met your expectations. We also create a translation memory specific to your company for an additional guarantee of consistent terminology.

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