E-learning has expanded rapidly in recent years due to its simplicity and accessibility. Find out how ITC Translations can help you translate your e-learning documents.

The Need For E-Learning Translation

For your international training services, you need to adopt e-learning platforms. To do so, you need to translate your written and audio/video courses. E-learning companies can expand and develop with professional and specialized translation. It has been proven that training in the original language of the target audience increases the number of participants per course, their satisfaction, and the success rate.

Today, self-study has become a common practice among students and professionals. Users request training content in almost all professional sectors. Studying or learning new concepts is already challenge enough; learning in a foreign language is even more difficult and discouraging. Providing translated courses optimizes the desire to learn and increases the number of students. Therefore, the result is fruitful for e-learning services.

Training platforms are increasingly used in academic centers, in companies and on the Internet. E-learning programmed translations by a specialized translation agency offer many advantages to e-learning companies. Using a specialized translation agency can attract a larger number of students if they have courses in different languages. It also facilitates learning in the user’s native language and therefore helps to build loyalty so that the user can discover other courses and content. Translating e-learning content also gives the company an interesting position in this sector, especially at a competitive level.

Translating E-Learning Documents

ITC can translate a large number of documents related to e-learning. Here are a few examples:

E-learning programs

Training materials

Training agreements

Training Description

Procedural Rules

Evaluation Templates

And more!

Entrust your translations to ITC, E-Learning Translation Agency

Our training material translation agency partners with expert translators who have significant experience in the field of training, the corporate world, sales and international markets. Our linguists accurately translate the original text while retaining its original meaning and added value.

The objective is to offer optimal and standardized training to all our customers’ employees. Our network of professional translators has a perfect command of the source and target languages, as well as their linguistic and cultural specificities for the most accurate translation possible. Given our experience as an e-learning translation agency, we have the skills to meet our clients’ requirements.

Our experience and professionalism ensure that you benefit from an optimal translation that meets all your needs. Furthermore, our translators are committed to maintaining the complete confidentiality of the documents you entrust to us by signing a confidentiality agreement.

We provide specialized and experienced translators with undisputed skills in the training sector. Experience, writing skills and responsiveness are the key requirements for our team of international translators.

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