At ITC, we create and update dedicated translation memories for each localization project. This greatly improves the quality, speed, consistency and efficiency of each translation job our clients entrust to us.


What is a translation memory?

A translation memory (TM) is an ever-growing database of all previously translated content.

Anytime a new piece of content, like a word or sentence—known as a string—is translated, your translation memory will save it. For future translations, the TM will automatically recognize this string, offering suggestions as the linguist translates.

What are the advantages of a translation memory?

  • Consistent translations: a TM suggests previously translated strings that are identical to the current translation, ensuring consistency throughout your content.
  • Cost savings: the more you translate, the more potential savings you create for future projects. Every time you translate a new string, it’s added to the translation memory to be reused without any cost.
  • Improved quality: project managers and linguists can refine and optimize translation memory entries to match your brand’s tone and voice.
  • Faster process: linguists won’t have to spend time constantly translating the same strings; your translation memory does that for them.

At ITC, clients benefit from a translation memory database customized specifically for them.

ITC’s TMs allow faster, more efficient and more cost-effective translation processes, because:

  • We adapt the client’s TM to any industry and organize it by field, product type, etc.
  • We update and optimize TMs with every delivered project.
  • We log all feedback/changes desired and mark them as client-approved in every TM, so linguists know to use any available client-approved content whenever applicable.
  • We adjust translation costs based on the updates/changes that TMs detect. Clients will not have to pay again for content that we have already translated for a previous job.

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