After two days of audits carried out by the accredited organization Bureau Veritas, today we are proud to announce that our certification – Translation Company Services – CERTITRAD version 1 dated November 8, 2010 – has been renewed for an additional three years.

Being a CERTITRAD-certified service provider means:

1-Guaranteeing to our clients that their projects will be carried out by qualified and highly skilled linguists, working into their native language

2-Offering a single contact person who supervises the project, ensures it is completed successfully and serves as a technical liaison with the client

3-Guaranteeing that client data is kept secure and confidential

4-Delivering a proofread translation within the agreed deadline and that meets the client’s expectations

5-Providing a high-quality translation that takes into account our clients’ specific terminology

6-Tracking the quality of our service by listening to client feedback

Bravo to the entire team!

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