Translation Errors, Their Potential Consequences, and How to Avoid Them

Experienced translators know how to deliver error free translations that are accurate and localized so that everyone can communicate successfully. Sometimes though, people choose to work with a “friend who knows Russian” or an otherwise non certified translator and, mistranslations shortly ensue. While most translation errors don’t cause a big problem and some are even funny, other mistranslations can have major consequences that may even cause injury or legal ramifications.

Examples of Translation Errors

Mistranslations can have a surprisingly big impact. Some examples of translation errors and their ripple effect of consequences include –

  • A legal document is mistranslated and now means something totally different than those that signed it think it does thereby limiting its benefits and essentially rendering it useless once it’s needed.
  • Academic research papers with translation errors are shared among scientists and the entire study becomes inaccurate and thereby invalid.
  • A medical product is released with mistranslated material on the instructional insert. Patients use the product improperly and experience health issues as a result.
  • Immigration paperwork isn’t translated properly and a person is mistakenly deported.
  • A technology document has translation errors and affects the ultimate functioning of a new product.

These are just the first five examples of translation errors that came to mind and their consequences! Every industry has experienced the effects of mistranslations. While some consequences of translation errors are harder to bear than others all mistranslations are a problem, and, luckily, they’re usually avoidable too.

What You Can Do To Avoid Translation Errors?

The biggest thing you can do to avoid mistranslations is to hire a reputable, experienced translation agency.

Now that you understand the myriad consequences that translation errors can cause, what can you do to avoid them? The biggest thing you can do to avoid mistranslations is to hire a reputable, experienced translation agency like ITC Global Translations to provide the translation services you need. Ask prospective translation agencies questions like “Are the translation company’s translators certified?”, “Does your translated content get reviewed by qualified linguists?”, “What type of translation tools do you use?”, and “Can I speak to previous clients and references?”. Then you can be sure you’re hiring the most qualified translation company to work on your content possible.

Ensuring the accuracy of your translations is an essential piece of providing translation and localization services. Anyone can give you a guess as to what a piece of content in another language may mean. A reliable translation company on the other hand can tell you exactly what the content means accurately so you will receive translations you can trust. In many situations this level of expertise is the difference between success and failure, and possibly even life or death.

Be sure all of your translations are error free and choose ITC Global Translations as your translation agency. Our highly experienced translators and dedicated linguists use the latest translation tools to provide you with accurate translations of any type of material you have in nearly any language so you can be sure you’re saying what you mean in a way your entire audience will fully understand.

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