The field of aesthetic or cosmetic medicine services is growing in popularity. Read on to see how ITC Translations, an aesthetic medicine translation agency, can help you develop internationally by localizing your content.

What are the challenges in cosmetic medicine translation?

Cosmetic medicine is a constantly growing field with a high consumer demand for new treatments and procedures. With its roots in France in the 1970s, this field quickly spread across Europe and into the United States. Today, many people from around the world now work in aesthetic medicine. They all need to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and with the patients they are treating.

In addition, a growing number of patients are traveling abroad to seek out cosmetic procedures. The language barrier can prevent the process from running smoothly and may impact the patient’s well-being. Specialized cosmetic surgery translation services are essential so patients get the documentation they need in their own language in order to understand the procedure and feel reassured.

Whether it’s a scientific journal article about a new procedure, patient information forms, an advertisement for your latest product, or any other type of content, our cosmetic medicine translation and localization services will provide peace of mind for you, your colleagues and your patients.

ITC Translations is HIPAA compliant.

ITC Translations USA, Inc. staff are trained, tested and certified on this important legislation and we provide 100% compliant services that fulfil the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Cosmetic Medicine Document Translation

ITC Global Translations has experience translating a wide variety of content from the medical field including cosmetic medicine. Some examples include:

Research Articles

Meeting Notes

Regulatory Approval Packets

Physician Education Tools

Instructional Documents

Patient Forms


Promotional Materials

Web Content

And more!

ITC: Your Cosmetic Medicine Translation Agency

Our global network of professional translators along with our experience with cosmetic medicine content means we can provide you with all the translations you need for your project. You’ll find that working with one translation company to translate and localize all of your content into the full range of languages you need provides a level of continuity to your translations that’s not possible otherwise. Not only that, it makes the translation process faster, easier, and more affordable at the same time.

ITC Translations offers translations in the field of aesthetic medicine in more than 80 language combinations by translators based around the world. These individuals have firsthand experience with the language and the culture in their areas. This allows them to catch nuances and terminology that would be missed without this firsthand knowledge of the material at hand.

When you choose ITC Translations, we assign your project to a translator with experience in the cosmetic field since good translations require an understanding of the field’s subtleties in addition to strong knowledge of both languages. This ensures our translator understands the text’s nuances and correctly uses terminology specific to cosmetic services, something that would be impossible without this direct knowledge of the field in question.

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