Keep Your Content and Expand Your Reach with Multilingual SEO


Securing your future in business means expanding your world. Foreign markets won’t know who you are if they can’t understand what you’re about. But what if you’ve done all of the hard work of setting up your website for a global audience, translated your content for readability, and still aren’t getting the traffic you think you should be getting? 

Find Relevant Keywords for Your Target Country

Multilingual keyword research lets you see what’s hot in the language you’re working with. SEMrush stresses the “importance of doing language specific keyword research as part of the translation.” What drives traffic in one language might fall flat in another. For example, they go on to explain:

A French website that is well optimized for ‘location vacances’ [yields] 135,000 monthly searches in France…‘location vacances’ translates into English as ‘vacation rental,’ however only 90 people a month search for this term in the UK. If you focus all your SEO efforts on ‘vacation rental’ [in the UK] you will never receive substantial traffic, but choosing ‘holidays’ as your primary keyword means you’re targeting the 368,000 people a month who search for this.

Multilingual SEO Saves You Time 

You don’t have to create brand-new content in order to meet your growing audience. Multilingual SEO is just translating your current content into other languages, saving you time and effort. According to MonitorBackLinks, “Multilingual SEO should not be confused with multiregional SEO, the practice of writing unique content for each language. Multilingual SEO has the advantage of being much simpler and more straightforward.”

When deciding which content to translate, “Your best-performing English pages should be at the top of your list. Next, look for pages that correspond with high-volume keywords in the target language.”

There’s Nothing Like the Human Touch

It’s important to use human translators to keep your SEO and content consistent and relatable. Chances are, you’ve purchased products online before from businesses that are halfway around the world. Yet, you probably didn’t know it because their content was written in your language and you paid in your currency. This is likely thanks to a good translator who knew what was relevant to you and your area, using meaningful keywords that helped you find them in the first place.

Good SEO Translation Makes Good Business

When it comes to the right keywords, our translators provide the human touch you need. We provide translation services in a wide range of industries and languages. From the complexities of IT translation and software localization to the challenges of legal translation, our professional translators will provide the elements you need to be understood. We’re on top of the latest developments and trends that can help your business stand out from the rest. Contact us to learn more about our best multilingual SEO practices.  



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