Given the technology available today, there are constant developments in the field of prostheses. Read on to learn how ITC Translations can support you in translating all your documents related to medical prosthetics.

The Importance of Translation for the Medical Prosthetics Industry

Medical prostheses give hope to many people around the globe and help improve the lives of patients. Research and development is ongoing to make them more accessible with help from medical translation services.

While there have been prosthetic arms and legs for some time now, today, even these more common prostheses have been undergoing rapid redevelopment so they can be easier for their patients to use successfully.

Children and adults around the world are now benefiting from prosthetic technology that was only available in a handful of locations just a few years ago. Many things have fallen into place to allow the prosthetic field to continue advancing while reaching a wider population.

Working with a professional translation company like ITC Translations helps your medical device company in a couple of different ways. It allows you to continue developing new ideas with the help of physicians and researchers from around the world and get them approved by the various regulatory bodies in each country, while also furthering your ability to reach as many physicians and patients with your prostheses as possible.

ITC Translations is HIPAA compliant.

ITC Translations USA, Inc. staff are trained, tested and certified on this important legislation and we provide 100% compliant services that fulfil the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Medical Device Translation

Translations about medical devices like prostheses includes a wide variety of documents. Some of these are:

Scientific reports

Product designs and models

Clinical trial documentation

Instructional videos

Patient information sheets

Medical reports



Product inserts

And more!

Turn to ITC, Your Translation Agency in the Medical Prosthetics Sector

Over the last 20 years, we’ve worked diligently to build a network of individuals who are not only experienced in translations and linguistics but who are also experienced in the field of prosthetics. This multifaceted approach to your translations means that even the most technical prosthetics translations will be accurate and done as efficiently as possible.

All of our translators have the same high level of experience and skill. They operate according to the same policies and procedures, and have access to the same advanced translation tools. The only thing that sets them apart is the language(s) they’re assigned to translate. Our professional translators translate exclusively into their native language and have deep understanding of the culture in which they live.

When you’re working in a field like health care, it’s not enough to understand the words on the page. The entire message must be culturally appropriate and sensitive or there could be an unfortunate miscommunication. No matter how helpful your prosthetic devices may be, patients will not trust them and physicians won’t prescribe them if your message isn’t in sync with their cultural norms. This is why complete localization of your content about prostheses must also be a top priority.

Prosthetic material translation and localization services from ITC Translations will bring your entire project together and, in the end, help get your device to those who need it while also instructing them about how to use it properly.

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