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ITC Global Translations is Minnesota’s solution for multilingual translation, localization, transcreation, SEO, subtitling, voice over and desktop publishing services.

Document translation services in Texas

Companies in technical, legal or medical industries (and many others) rely on ITC’s document translation services in more than 80 language pairs to reach new target markets from their headquarters in Texas.

Technical translation services are valuable for many different industries, including oil and gas, high technology, and manufacturing and engineering. Each of these fields have their own specific terminology and ITC works with a network of experienced technical translators to ensure your translated documents are clear and accurately use that terminology, whether they are product data sheets, specifications, software, user guides, calls for proposal, safety data sheets or catalogs.

For medical translation services, it’s critical to work with an agency whose translators are knowledgeable in your specialized field. This way, your documents, from clinical studies to patents, will accurately convey the right information in the language of your clients or partners in compliance with any regulations applicable to your industry.

As you well know, legal systems vary by country and region. Translations in this industry require professionals who know the nuances of each system and how to handle their differences in translation. That’s why top legal firms turn to ITC for legal translation services that appropriately convey the intended meaning. You can turn to our legal experts for translating contracts, summonses, meeting reports, rulings and more.

Translation services in Houston

Houston is a hub for many international businesses thanks to its excellent distribution facilities, making translation an essential service for both local and multinational corporations. Companies in Houston can rely on ITC’s extensive network of professional translators for every aspect of their business: marketing translation and transcreation for new product launches, HR translation to improve employee connection and compliance, IT translation for network administration and more. If you create it, we can translate it, in any format. We can even handle design and layout services so your translated documents are ready to send to the printer or publish online.

Marketing case study

Client brief

Translate 43,000 words for a cosmetic company’s showcase website to reach clients in seven Asian countries.


French to English


ITC selected linguistic resources familiar with the client’s terminology and markets to ensure consistency with previous translations. We also coordinated with seven subsidiaries and prepared individual communications and invoices for each one.

Certified translation services in Texas

ITC provides certified translation services for companies in Texas who want to reach customers around the world. At ITC Global Translations, we combine talent and technology to tailor the translation process to fit your company. We work with expert translators who specialize in specific industries and who are native speakers of the languages they translate into. Their experience in each client’s industry means every technical, medical and legal project is in good hands. And since we partner with a network of 2,500 qualified professionals working in over 80 language pairs, we can offer professional translation services in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and many other cities for companies in other industries as well, including banking and finance, film and media, and the public sector.

Meet us in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio or wherever you are…

Sometimes sitting down in-person to discuss an upcoming project is the best solution to make sure everyone is on the same page. As your translation partner in Texas, ITC is available to meet with you in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and other places around the state. We’re also happy to travel to your location to discuss the translation services you need and how ITC can best help you achieve your international business goals.

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