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Video Game Translation: What’s at Stake?

In the world of video games, a poor translation can have a negative impact on what the community thinks about the game. This could have consequences on sales. It is therefore essential to entrust the translation to native professionals who specialize in localizing video games.

Indeed, translating video games can be more complicated than it is in other fields.

A video game has a simultaneous release on the international market. It is therefore imperative that it be operational in its original language and in all the target languages it is intended for before being released on the market.

When we talk about simultaneous launch, we also talk about simultaneous production. When the source language is still being completed, translation may already be in progress. Translators must therefore double-check to update the content in all target languages each time the source language is changed.

In role-playing games, transcreation may be necessary to ensure the names of people or objects with have the same impact.

Other points: the translated content must fit within strict character limitations. This is a sometimes-complex criterion that must be respected especially with languages such as German which requires more characters than French or English for example.

Video Games Document Translation

Our video game translation agency handles all documents and programs related to this sector. Here are a few examples:


User manuals

General terms and conditions


Object Names

Quest Descriptions


And more!

Entrust Your Translations to ITC, Video Game Translation Agency

As a recognized translation agency, our company manages all stages of your project with rigor. Translation projects for video games and virtual applications fall within the scope of IT translation. Particularly complex, this category requires in-depth knowledge of the terminology involved and a specific approach requiring regular exchanges with the client.

Our translation agency works with translators who specialize in the field of IT, and more specifically game animation, as well as mobile software and applications. As expert linguists, these professionals guarantee you perfectly accurate translations, whether it is for video game subtitles, cinematic scenes, or communications about a product.

By using ITC’s services, you benefit from the experience of a multilingual company created more than 20 years ago and a network of 2,500 expert linguists. We are experienced, have the latest translation tools at our disposal and can provide tailor-made solutions for your project.

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