Though English is one of the top spoken languages in the world, not having the ability to translate other languages “can be one of the biggest mistakes a business—especially those in the financial services sector—can make,” says World Finance.

It’s a Big World Out There

Translation is often the last thing that businesses think about when making plans and setting goals. However, with the rapid pace in which globalization is occurring each day, it should be on the top of the list. Translation has the power to make or break your business. Here are some eye-opening factors to take into consideration for any company planning to spread its wings in other countries. In some of the most important countries for business transactions, only a small percentage of people can speak English fluently:

  • 5.2% of the Russian population
  • 5% of the Brazilian population
  • 0.75% of the Chinese population

The most popular languages that many businesses are looking to translate include:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Indonesian
  • Malay

Additional languages depend on the other areas where a business plans to extend their reach, but three popular languages for translation include Swedish, Italian, and Norwegian. That’s 13 high-powered areas of the world that a business can miss out on if choosing to work only in English terms.

Technology Can Lack Important Aspects

In an age where the reputation of a company is almost as important as what they do, leaving media reports, device instructions, and news reports in the hands of a machine is risky.

Some businesses believe that grabbing the latest translation app will solve all of their problems, but this just isn’t true. Translation apps and devices are great for traveling to a foreign country where the locals understand—and even get a laugh out of—a mistranslated word. Asking someone where the washroom is or ordering eggs benedict is simple enough when Google gives you the right phrasing. But how well do these apps work when it comes to a business plan, a marketing campaign, or corporate media relations?

In an age where the reputation of a company is almost as important as what they do, leaving media reports, device instructions, and news reports in the hands of a machine is risky. Nothing can replace the power of human connection and communication. Clear communication relies on knowledge of not only the company culture, but the culture of the audience being addressed. The right tone and conveyance of emotion is just as important as the words being translated.

A High-Quality Choice

ITC works with over 1500 professional translators who not only speak your languages, but have experience in their respective fields. We approach each corporate translation project with a focus on accuracy, consistency, and cultural awareness that can bring bountiful benefits to any business. As the world continue to grow, grow your business right along with it to avoid being left behind. Contact ITC today to help you get where you want to be—in any language.

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