WHI Solutions is one of the fastest growing software companies. They provide web based eBusiness solutions to the Transportation Market, such as eCommerce, eCatalog, Distribution Management and Business Intelligence. Their core customers are Automotive and Heavy Duty Parts sellers and Service Providers.


WHI Solutions needed the content of their website and mobile app translated into French Canadian and Spanish for Latin America. They were looking for a provider that they could build a long term relationship with and which could meet their fast turnaround needs.

Client Issues:

  • Their documents contained a lot of acronyms that needed to be handled.
  • The website and app format sometimes involved a character limit for buttons, etc.
  • They required the use of translation memories to keep the branding consistent.

ITC Plan:

  • ITC put together a team of translators and proofreaders specializing in automotive. These teams were assembled and trained by the Project Manager to master the subject and terminology.
  • From the first project, a translation memory and an acronyms glossary were created based on the client’s instructions and expectations, and we continue to update them with each new project.
  • Screenshots from the browser or the app are provided to the language specialists to ensure quality and benefit from a clear view of the general presentation as well as all buttons, lists, etc.

100% Customer Satisfaction:

WHI Solutions is satisfied with our services and the methods we implemented to take their translation to the next level. ITC is able to use the same teams for all WHI Solutions projects and to build a lasting relationship.