Translators – One of the Fastest Growing Careers Today

5 Qualities of a Quality Translator

With many college graduates facing a mountain of student loan debt upon graduation, it’s important for students to focus their studies on careers that will actually have decent paying jobs waiting for them upon graduation. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics one of the fastest growing careers right now is translation services. Translators are needed in all languages around the world today and, translation services are well poised to continue to be a high demand career far into the foreseeable future.

People Need to Communicate

Translation services have been a steadily growing industry for some time now because there are over 6,0000 languages spoken around the world and people simply need to communicate. Today, with the increased availability of international travel coupled with the global accessibility of the internet people of different cultures and languages are interacting more than ever before; which has rapidly increased the need for translators.

The Global Economy is Growing

In addition to these factors the global economy is expanding as well. As a result, people aren’t only in need of translators for their personal travels and social interactions, but, they also need translators for professional purposes as well. Nearly every industry is experiencing some type of global expansion and this has created a need to translate documents and materials of all kinds in order to communicate with each client and employee wherever they’re based.

There is Also Growing Amounts of Content to be Translated Online

The internet is reaching more and more people; and the majority of new users don’t speak English.

There is a great deal of content being generated daily online from individuals and business that now needs to be translated. This is because the internet is reaching more and more people; and the majority of new users don’t speak English. However, most of the content online is written in English. With this in mind, more and more website owners are having their online content translated in order to reach their global customer base as well as for SEO purposes (Search Engine Optimization).

The fact that there is a high demand for translation services that will continue, and likely even keep increasing into the future isn’t the only good news for graduates either. Translators are considered skilled positions and, as such, quality, multi lingual translators are compensated fairly well. The more languages you’re proficient in and the more translation experience you have, the higher the pay you can command too; which makes translation services a profession that will grow with you.

When you become a translator you’ll also enjoy benefits like world travel, meeting new and exciting clients, as well as an opportunity to feel good about your work because you’re helping people communicate with each other. If you want to learn more about translation services, see a translation company in action, or find out how translators can help your business, ITC Global Translations can help. We have a network of experienced translators and linguists ready to translate and localize any type of material in order to allow you to facilitate accurate communication at every level.

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