ITC project managers serve as the client’s point-of-contact throughout the entire course of a translation project. These individuals, who have extensive translation production experience as well as specific project management training, are responsible for overseeing a project from start to finish. They are experts when it comes to project planning, implementation, problem solving, and customer service.

When a project is approved, it is the project managers’ responsibility to carry out risk assessment, document analysis, and project set-up, as well as selection and scheduling of the translation team. As the project advances, they handle file management and file hand-offs among the various members of the production team and regularly update status reports in order to track progress and keep the client informed of project status. Once translation, proofreading, and DTP (if applicable) are complete, project managers carry out final quality control and delivery to the client. Once a project is finished, project managers are happy to hold “post-mortems” with clients to discuss any issues raised during the project cycle in an effort to plan for future projects.

Ultimately, the project manager is the individual responsible for ensuring that the deliveries to the client are made on time and that they meet the established quality standards. We at ITC GLOBAL TRANSLATIONS recognize that the Project Manager holds a pivotal position since client satisfaction hinges on his/her ability to orchestrate a project successfully.